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Hill Side Raiders

About our Club

In 2002, a group of community members built an organized after school program that would emphasize respect for other ethnicities, working together as a team, physical conditioning, mentoring and volunteer activities while focusing on scholastic achievement. 

The Andrew Hill Raiders Youth Football and Cheer Program was born and continues to allow children between the ages of 5 and 13 to participate in a tackle football and cheer program in San Jose, CA.

This program has grown from a small Division III program struggling to recruit 16 players per team to a Division II program with full teams, serving close to 300 participants and competing for a National Championship in its 10 year existence.

An important aspect of this program is that children are around positive role models and their friends, as they learn, get in shape, and unify as a team. The most important aspect of this program is that the children learn and have fun. They are taught responsibility, respect, how to work hard, and lessons about life, as coaches use the game of football as a teaching tool. Due to the strict ties to scholastics, many participants in the program go on to play high school football, become positive leaders in school, and as they get older, remember to give back to their community, as they saw so many unpaid volunteers give their time and commitment for them. 

With a focus on hard work and respect for others, success on the field is sure to follow. This was evident in the Raider’s first year of existence, as the Pee Wee team won the Division III Division Championship and the Midget team won the Division III Regional Co-Championship.