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Dec, 2009


There were plenty of Bayside Broncos fans that thought their 9-0 team would finish the perfect season with a repeat of a lopsided win over the Raiders as they did in Week 1 of the season. Then there was the Andrew Hill Raiders Family that had seen Coach Tim Hilton and this team's journey and knew it wasn't going to be that easy for the Broncos. 

After a back and forth battle and the Raiders missing a field goal attempt with 5 seconds left in regulation, the 0 - 0 game would be determined in overtime. Each team would have 4 plays from the 10 yard line to score and prevent the other team from doing so. First up were the Broncos. On their 4th play they rammed up the middle to be stuffed by the Raiders defense. They pushed, the Raiders resisted, the player fell down. One referee came in with a touchdown signal while the closer referee signaled no good. The determination was that the player did not get in for the score. 

The Raiders went on offense. 1st play, a little, 2nd play, a little more, 3rd play, incomplete pass, but wait, pass interference was called. The next play a quick slant pass is thrown, the defender went up for an interception, but our receiver tipped the ball to himself and hung on while falling to the ground. The refs arms went up to signal touchdown, the sidelines erupted, the stands rocked, and the 2009 Jr. Midgets were crowned Conference Champions!

Click here to watch the last play in overtime that won the game!